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3 apps to help you save money when you travel

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  • Save money when you travel

Traveling is a great plan to get to know new cultures, cities and people, but it can cost you a lot if you don’t plan your trip right. We give you 3 apps that can help you save money when you are traveling.

Save money when you travel

    1. Service. This app comes in 2 different options. Both options are mostly the same, the difference is that if you pay $49 a year, they take no fees and if you choose the free version, they will take a 30% fee for successful claims. This app tracks all your flights and hotel bookings and whenever there is a delay or a fee drop, this app will automatically make a claim for compensation.
    2. Kayak. This app offers a service where you can compare different rates to your destination and it lets you create a bundle of flights and hotel. This will save you money, and it is more time-efficient. Also, you can set alerts on your destination and Kayak will let you know if there is a drop or rise in the price of the flight/hotel.
    3. Getaround. This app is like Airbnb for cars. If you are planning a short trip when you are already at your main destination, this might be your best option with rental fees starting at only $4 per hour. You can access different cars depending on your needs, and there is no paperwork involved. You also get rental insurance and roadside assistance. 

In conclusion

Even though these are not the only apps in the market, you can make good use of these three apps. Not only can they be used at the same time, but they will all help you save some money on your trips.

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